The Co-Operative Programme by Financial Express.

Creating a better tomorrow starts today, but it is a lot more fun and easier when we do it together as one.

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The co-operative programme is a new initiative launched by Financial Express LTD., as a testing ground to see if the traditional organizational structured can be fragmented, redefined and ‘decentralized’ with everyone having a say, and becoming part of a co-founding team to help us create a better tomorrow.

The business, Financial Express, was launched after the developments made from 2014 onwards in the blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning space were further expanded and mastered at Online Shop Inc., a company started by Terry McGinnis and Siraaj Ahmed to facilitate easier, risk averse and altruistic efforts to make online commerce accessible, secure and compliant with the aim of providing an opportunity for anyone and everyone to start their very own business; from a University student to a budding entrepreneur, the ethos has allowed the Manhattan based company reach a global audience, help veterans and has spawned its very own non-profit Equality in Commerce (’Eqom’) with a heavy focus on providing education, support and access to opportunities in areas most affected with crime and deprived of opportunity.

The findings and success of the aforementioned had led both founders to engage the current co-founders; Dev Bethel, Aly Lane and Dr. Kendricks Lao to create Financial Express, a decentralized exchange that is predominantly focused in Britain to establish a national and then global presence of the same principles which allowed Online Shop to start, operate and continue to succeed in a world that as of now, rewards opportunistic business greed over altruistism.

Still interested?

Financial Express will launch as Britain’s first and only exchange, we want to help the government of Britain and those across the globe to make policy and regulation that incentivizes creativity, entrepreneurship and ambition.

The reason why many view legislation as ‘restrictive’ is due to the fact that many businesses do not co-operate in fear of competitive disadvantage or malpractice; we are different, we are open and honest, the truth provides purity and fearlessness others cannot enjoy. However, the exchange is only one small part of our efforts to create a better tomorrow.

As the months progress we will introduce Forex capabilities and further initiatives that will include micro-loans, credit cards, mortgages and other such financial endeavours we hope to accomplish, enjoyed by the biggest banks of today.

Many people find themselves not being able to get a credit card to start a history which will then lead to a car and a house purchase, or the ability to take out non-predatory emergency loans for a medical emergency - we want to change that, because, at the most basic level, money is just a contract we all believe to be valid and enter to, in exchange of our time or goods; it is our goal to redefine it to mean more than that.

How we operate.

We operate on the principle of showcasing kindness for those that do not believe in us or even try to prevent us from doing so - in the professional world, it is for a reason, so we do not enter the arena and compete, showcase how easy it can be when you create a team of likeminded individuals who, when together, can accomplish the most amazing feats.

And for those in our personal lives, that anything can be achieved, as long as you do not allow for them to take away your ambition and succumb to mediocrity, so that when we do lead by example we show, that they can too.

Further reading.

Further reading to give you an idea of our history and goals can be found below which will help you understand the process of our thinking, objectives and evolution throughout the years:

The Story of Online Shop

Equality in Commerce Mission Statement - Creating Britain’s First DeFi Exchange - From a Small Idea to Now

NIH - Supporting Cancer Research

US Reporter - NASDAQ Lists Online Shop

JPost - Another Tech Monolith or Selfless Savant? You Decide

Newsbreak - Supporting Veterans

Mashable - Fear & Loathing in Tech

University Herald - Supporting Current Students but Leaders of Tomorrow

The above reading should give you an idea of the way we think and how our thinking inspires the way we act. When you focus on creating a successful business that aims and endeavours to do good, good things will happen to you - whether it is monetary rewards, fame or else, they all become second to the smiles and happiness you create when you focus on the aforementioned. Both Terry and Siraaj started creating their legacies through ambition alone, with no help from anyone. You can too. We want to make it easier, by breaking down any barriers to opportunity you may have had or have, through his initiative.

Further details on the exchange and its intricacies will be provided after submission and signing of a non-disclosure agreement (’NDA’).

Our aim and goals.

To truly decentralize something you need to rely on the most important aspect of any successful business story; people - the key ingredient in creation of this story is once again, people. From a simple idea that is treated as a seed by the ambitious, courageous and adventurous; a million jobs can be created, twenty million families fed each day and a better future created for our descendants.

It is our belief that everyone is the same, no matter your race, gender, orientation, religion or else - people, when working together can make awe inspiring creations and solve overtly complex problems that yesterday were seen as an impossibility to be left for generations to come. It is our duty to be remembered as ancestors who dared, who did and who left a legacy for them to live up to.

Our aim is to disrupt the current fabric of motion by redefining what a ‘successful’ business truly is, and what it actually means to be ‘decentralized’, something that is beyond technology, outreach and day to day operations of the business. More importantly, to truly redefine something, a monumental change must happen, this change can’t happen overnight, and will have its failures and successes before it becomes concrete in societal psyche.

As we embark on this journey to redefine what can be done and can’t be done in the financial sector, we want to keep evolving the concept of “creating a better tomorrow, today” - it is our mantra to do the difficult things today so tomorrow is a little easier, whether it is something that we do for our loved ones, close friends, partners, dependants, or even associates, a small step is all it takes to create a ripple effect that will make a difference for generations to come.

But difficulty only lies within one self, an individual may find it next to impossible to surpass the barrier of our sky, touch boots on the lunar surface or even gaze at the cosmical abyss through a lens. However, place that one individual with several dozen others and you will land a man on the moon with nothing but mere grit, determination and willpower that comes from ambition to do something truly great.

In just three months, using nothing but the aforementioned sheer determination, willpower and ambition we have developed, made compliant and are ready to launch Financial Express, or ‘FE’ for short. For now it is only an exchange allowing people to trade in crypto assets, NFT’s and has built-in Forex capabilities (TBA) it has the potential to evolve to so much more - what is starting in Britain as the first and only exchange of its kind, will become the leading service for a global market; creating opportunities for the marginalised, providing relief for the affected and ensuring the ideals we set today, live on to inspire others like ourselves, tomorrow.

Instead of hiring individuals and trawling through thousands of resumes and CV’s that are embellished to secure the job, we feel that so many have the ability to do so much more, many not knowing or not believing they are able to do so because of the environments they are currently in or from, the educational institution they went to, their age, or experience; we say that none of it matters, because for the truly ambitious such limitations do not exist.

A job title does not define you, a truly successful business is not made through departmental bureaucracy and red tape, but through open and honest collaborative efforts of its founders. Just as Google and Apple started as mere ideas in dorm rooms and progressed into concepts in a garage, what is stopping us from replicating the same remotely, indifferent to experience, age, time zone and experience. United through ambition and eagerness to succeed and inspire.

Whether you are experienced in Human Resources, C++ Programming, Legal, Social Media or else, you will have the ability to learn and provide your own to progress our aforementioned aim and goals. You do not need a degree or experience in the financial sector.

Title: Associate [Specialisation if Exists] (Founding Team)

Description: To work alongside wider team to support current aim and goals and to create own role as a founding team member, to take ownership and be eager to learn, openly and honestly communicate and provide own thoughts, ideas and opinions to help shape the company into a global leader of tomorrow, starting today.

Reward: Sum of 20,000 exchange tokens with value of £20,000 in a vested structure with ability to liquidate after 12-months. With pro-active engagement, support and ownership of tasks necessary for success to be rewarded with 5,000 tokens per month maximum (value of £5,000) and offer of full time employment with competitive salary and creation of own team after 6-months or sooner, depending on conduct, progress and potential to continually want to succeed. If offered full time employment, in addition, shares in the actual business, Financial Express LTD., will be provided under a vested structure of 4 years to ensure we are able to keep you.

Commitment: Individual basis. No minimum or maximum requirement. If taken ownership of tasks, work with wider team to create realistic deadlines of delivery.

Contracts to Sign: Non-Disclosure Agreement (’NDA’), Co-Operative Agreement.

Requirements: None, you will be provided with an official e-mail address ‘’ after a month, and when offered employment, with a laptop of your choosing, phone and expense account.


This is a community effort, a co-operative, whether it leads to full time employment and shareholding is completely up to you - the employment can be in addition to what you truly want to do, to help support it, remember, you create your own role, and the way it works and operates. What you will learn, provide and the connections you will make will last you a life time, whether it is the skills needed for a job you dreamed of, connections or anything else - you will be part of a team that is breaking new ground and setting an example of how businesses should operate, and that anyone, can do great things no matter where they are from, who they are or what they know.


Ready to join?

Give us a brief idea of you, what your interests are and what you want to do.

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